F E A T U R E D   R E V I E W S

“Her stunning coloratura, coupled with an impressive curriculum vitae including many performances and awards, made her a standout. I'll be following this young star; she has a bright future."

Karen E. Moorman, CVNC (2019)


“Stewart's stunningly clear voice and flawless diction captured the hearts and emotions of the audience in attendance..."

Krista Weise, CVNC (2019)

"Stewart's intonation and diction were superb. Her voice was evenly supported across its range while its precision was leavened by warm tone. Her control of dynamics was excellent."

William Thomas Walker, CVNC (2019)


"Stewart fully exploited the wide expressive possibilities of the text with clear delivery of words, nuanced for color and tone. Her voice never lacked power or focus; hers is a talent with much promise." 

William Thomas Walker, CVNC (2019)

Photo by Jane Zhao